Book Readings

Our carefully selected book readings not only bring the joy of holiday tales but also encourage language development, listening skills, and a sense of wonder. Listening to stories hones a child's ability to concentrate, as they follow the plot, characters, and details. This skill is beneficial in various aspects of their academic and personal lives. We hope your family enjoys these Valentine themed books as much as we do! 

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(Ages 3-8)

When Sammy Spider's web gets swept away during the Shapiro family's Passover cleaning, his mother decides spring is a perfect time to make a new web.

As Sammy learns to spin, he gets involved in the Passover seder and plays an important role in the success of the holiday meal.

(Ages 3-6)

Kayla loves having Passover seder with her family and her dog, Kugel—even though he almost spills the grape juice, makes a mess of the matzah, and takes off with the afikoman! This story touches on the highlights of the Passover seder with warmth and humor.

(Ages 2-5)

The Passover story is enlivened in this creative rendition of the Ten Plagues.

Everyone can take part as Moses implores Pharoah to ""Let My People Go!"" This light-hearted rhyming tale can be read alone or with a cast of characters as a ""Reader's Theater."" Perfect for family seders, library story time, and classroom dramatizations.

(Ages 1-5)

Readers join a cute family and their dog as they prepare for and celebrate the spring holiday of Passover, cleaning the house, making matzah ball soup, assembling the seder plate, saying the Four Questions, and looking for the afikomen at the end of the seder.

(Ages 2-5)

In this story told in spare, lyrical prose, a Jewish family prepares for their Passover seder, visiting the farmer's market for walnuts, lilacs, and honey (and adopting a kitten along the way!), then chopping apples for the charoset, and getting dressed up before walking to Nana's house. The refrain throughout is “Dayenu”—a mind-set of thankfulness, a reminder to be aware of the blessings in each moment. At Nana's, there's matzo ball soup, chicken, coconut macaroons, and of course, the hidden afikomen. After opening the door for Elijah and singing the verses of “Chad Gadya,”Nana tucks the children in for a special Passover sleepover.

(Ages 6-11)

This simple introduction to the Passover story pairs an engaging retelling with bold illustrations, perfect for young readers.One of the most significant holidays in Jewish tradition, Passover commemorates Moses leading his people out of slavery in Egypt. The Story of Passoverrecounts the major events of the story in dramatic but accessible language, from Jacob settling in Egypt to the miraculous parting of the Red Sea. The text and images have been vetted for accuracy by a rabbinical authority, and the book includes an author's note about the modern Passover celebration, the seder, and how the different parts of the meal symbolize elements of the story.