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Our Story

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We want to share with you the heart and soul behind our boutique business, MagiMo. At MagiMo, we believe that the holidays are worth celebrating but we also understand the challenges and time constraints that busy parents face in creating magical holiday moments for their families. Our mission is to eliminate the hassle on your part by bringing the joy and spirit of the holidays right to your doorstep, all packed in a box. 

MagiMo was founded by two friends, Ashley and Lauren. Ashley, mom of two, went from planning exclusive high end private events to globally leading the internal events team at Spotify. Through her experience, she understands the impact of what taking time to celebrate special moments, both big and small, can have on someone. Lauren, a mom of four, brings her expertise as a Speech Language Pathologist to MagiMo. Lauren incorporates engaging activities and fun elements into each box that fosters communication, supports childhood development and encourages family engagement. 

We have experienced firsthand the struggles of juggling work, parenting, and holiday preparations. Inspired by the desire to make holidays hassle-free and memorable, we created, MagiMo!

Inside each MagiMo box, you'll find carefully curated festive holiday tabletop decor and engaging activities for both children and parents to decorate, celebrate and connect with one another! We've taken the hassle out of being creative and planning celebrations by providing everything you need right at your doorstep. Our team works hard to ensure that each box is filled with high-quality items that will make your celebrations memorable!

Imagine the weight that we can take off your shoulders so you can focus on what truly matters- spending quality time with your loved ones and savoring every special moment!

Join us at MagiMo and let us be your partner in turning every holiday into a magical experience for you and your family!

With love and magic,
Lauren & Ashley

MagiMo Mission

At MagiMo, our mission is to create a way to simplify and enhance your family celebrations by delivering curated holiday subscription boxes to your doorstep.

No more planning or searching for supplies—just pause, enjoy, and make moments that matter. Elevate your family celebrations with MagiMo and turn every holiday gathering into a magical memory-making experience.

We can’t wait to share the fun, laughter and delightful surprises with you!