At MagiMo, we believe in more than just providing products; we aim to enrich your experience and create lasting memories. That's why we include carefully curated activities in our Signature boxes. These activities serve as more than just entertainment; they're opportunities for you and your loved ones to connect, bond, and create shared experiences that will be cherished for years to come!

Bunny Bait

Sprinkle bunny bait around your yard or wherever eggs may get hidden to help guide the Easter bunny to your home! A great way to make Easter eve fun and memorable for the whole family!

Wooden Bunnies & Carrots

Use the paint provided in your box to decorate the wooden bunny and carrot ornaments. Get creative with patterns, stripes, polka dots – whatever inspires you! Once they dry, use the twine for hanging around your house or on your Easter tree! Your uniquely painted ornaments are sure to bring joy and smiles to all who see them!

Easter Tree

The Easter tree is a tradition that started in Germany many centuries ago. It is known as “Ostereierbaum.” An Easter tree serves as a fun and festive tradition for families to celebrate the holiday. Decorating the tree with colorful ornaments can create cherished memories and reinforce the spirit of Easter. If you do not have an Easter tree, follow these steps to easily make one of your own! Hang your wooden bunny and carrot ornaments on it as well as the colorful honeycomb balls included in your box!

  1. Gather (or purchase) bare branches or twigs
  2. Trim limbs and branches to be able to fit in a vase or mason jar
  3. Paint branches white or leave them natural
  4. Place twigs and branches in a vase or mason jar
  5. (Optional) Add vase filler of choice - pebbles, rocks, sand, marbles.
  6. Decorate your tree by hanging your wooden bunny and carrot ornaments as well as the colorful honeycomb balls that are included in your box.
  7. Display in your home for all to enjoy!

Colorful Easter Egg

Get ready to add a pop of color to your Easter festivities with these fun and easy-to-make tissue paper Easter eggs! Follow these simple steps below:

  1. Using a paintbrush, spread a thin layer of glue onto the surface of your Easter egg shape. Make sure to cover the entire egg evenly with glue.
  2. Now, it's time to get creative with colors! Choose the tissue paper squares you'd like to use and begin layering them onto the glue-covered egg. You can overlap the tissue paper squares and mix and match colors to create unique patterns and designs.
  3. Continue adding tissue paper squares until the entire surface of the egg is covered.
  4. Once you are finished, set aside to dry completely.
  5. Once the glue is completely dry, carefully cut out your Easter egg along the outline following the shape of the egg.
  6. It you’d like to make more colorful eggs, simply visit the Activities QR code for a link to our Egg print out.
  7. You can hang your Eggs up as decorations, use them to adorn Easter baskets, or even give them as gifts to friends and family.
  8. Get ready to bring some Easter cheer into your home with these vibrant and festive tissue paper Easter eggs! 🌷🐣
Download and Print extra egg sheets here

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