Wondering why we include holiday-themed activities in our boxes? Here's the scoop: you and your children are not just crafting or playing games; you're building connections and creating shared experiences that will be cherished for years to come! 

Unbox your Valentine’s Day house and create your own unique masterpiece that captures the spirit of the season!

14 Acts of Kindness

This Valentine's Day, let's make it a memorable celebration of love and togetherness! Engage your family or friends in a heartwarming activity by creating 14 acts of kindness together. Brainstorm ideas together, from giving hugs to helping neighbors, writing a kind note to someone to doing chores. Get creative with it! Once you have decided on your acts of kindness, draw a picture or write down the ideas on the colorful paper hearts. Tape them on a door, wall or wherever you will see them. Select a heart each day and encourage each other to complete that act of kindness before bedtime!

At MagiMo, we are all about magical moments! This activity not only spreads love but also provides a chance for meaningful conversations on what love and kindness mean to each of you. Express your feelings through sweet notes or by spending quality time with each other. It's a wonderful opportunity to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary expressions of thoughtfulness, love and connection! 💖

Valentines Gingerbread House

Build and decorate a Valentine’s House with the cookie kit included in your box 

The how to's can be found on the box of your cookie kit. Use your creativity to turn it into your unique and festive house of love.

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