At MagiMo, we believe St. Patrick's Day is a great opportunity to create memorable moments with your little leprechauns!

That's why our St. Patrick's Day box includes fun activities to keep the whole family entertained as you celebrate the luck of the Irish together! Let the magic of the day fill your home with laughter and joy!

Will you be the family that catches those quick and sneaky little leprechauns??

Best of luck building your trap!

Leprechauns are often mischievous and like to play tricks like turning your milk green or rearranging items around your house. If they are ever captured by a human, it is said that they must grant you three wishes in exchange for release! Work together and build a trap to see if you can catch those sneaky Leprechauns!

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  • Kit Incudes:

    • 2 foam base pieces
    • 3 foam hat pieces
    • 1 felt sticker
    • 19 foam pieces
    • 9 foam stickers
    • 29 glitter foam stickers
    • 28 stickers
  • Instructions:

    • Use photo as guide for assembly. Secure pieces with glue or tape as needed.
    • Adhere stickers to their corresponding foam pieces
    • Interlock light green foam pieces to form base
    • Interlock dark green foam hat base pieces together
    • Peel backing from buckle and adhere to hat band
    • Peel backing from hat band and adhere to base of hat
    • Interlock dark green goal brim and adhere to base of hat
    • Interlock foam ladder pieces
    • Insert foam pieces into slots in base
    • Embellish with remaining stickers as desired
  • Easter Egg hunt but with coins! The gold and green coins included in your box can be used for both table top decorations and this fun game. Parents, hide the coins around your house or yard and have your children go on a gold hunt collecting as many coins as they can find in the black cauldrons. The person with the most coins collected wins!

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