Book Readings

Our chosen book readings don't just bring the magic of St. Patrick’s Day tales—they also inspire language growth, attentive listening, and a dash of enchantment. Tuning in to stories sharpens children’s focus as they journey through plots, characters, and all the delightful details. This skill works wonders in every aspect of their academic and personal adventures. We're crossing our fingers that your family treasures these St. Patrick’s Day-themed books just as much as we do! 📚🍀

The story begins with the troubles that Leprechauns are known to impose like glitter and green toilets. Then we follow the Leprechaun to various homes where he reveals different traps, but he's too quick to be caught. In the end, the Leprechaun admits that one day, one brilliant child will design a perfect trap!

It's the night before St. Patrick's Day, and Tim and Maureen are wide awake setting traps to catch a leprechaun! When they wake the next morning to the sound of their dad playing the bagpipes and the smell of their mom cooking green eggs, they're shocked to find that they've actually caught a leprechaun.

Pete gears up to trap a leprechaun for his friends! But catching a leprechaun is never easy—especially if it's Clover, who's full of tricks. Will luck be on Pete's side? Or will Pete learn luck is actually something earned?