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Make your 4th of July celebration educational and entertaining with our Stars & Stripes Activity Workshop Pack Printables! Perfect for kids and adults alike, this pack includes a variety of engaging activities that celebrate American history and culture.


  • I Spy Game: A fun and interactive way for kids to search and find patriotic symbols, keeping them entertained while learning about American icons.
  • Word Search Puzzle: Challenge your guests with a themed word search filled with American history and 4th of July-related terms.
  • Madlibs: Two variations of hilarious and creative Madlibs that allow participants to fill in the blanks and create their own patriotic stories.
  • Trivia Questions: Four sets of trivia questions covering different aspects of American history. Test your knowledge on topics like founding fathers, historical events, famous landmarks, and more.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Educational & Fun: Combines learning with entertainment, making it perfect for kids and adults.
  • Engaging Activities: Keeps everyone busy and entertained during your 4th of July celebration.
  • Printable & Convenient: Easy to download and print at home, ensuring you have activities ready in minutes.
  • Great for Groups: Ideal for family gatherings, BBQs, parties, and classrooms.

Bring an extra layer of excitement and education to your Independence Day festivities with our Stars & Stripes Activity Workshop Pack Printables. Download now and get ready for a star-spangled celebration filled with fun and learning!


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